New students brochure

Nick from St John's designed an awesome brochure for new students starting at UTAS in 2010. I wish I wasn't a part of this ministry, so that I could get this brochure and then join it!

Fundraising for my new work with the University Fellowship of Christians is going really well. I've now got a little over $70K in donations or pledges. The last $30K will enable us to lease and set up office space and hire a 1-2 day/week admin staff. It's a funny thing, setting a big vision, like raising $100K. You know it's possible, but when it starts to come together you still get the shock of 'Whoah, this is actually going to really happen!'.

I'm very thankful to the people who have been generously supportive of all of this and hope that a few more people will sign on in these last few weeks of 2009, either for ongoing financial partnership, or once-off contributions.