Hardships in church planting part 4

  • When things aren't working. To drag it on isn't kind and it doesn't help.
  • When you go into church planting. Work it all out, write it all down. Avoid mismatches of expectations. Ask for outsider help.
  • It can be extreme when you pick up people from the 'church wilderness', the theological diversity. You can't let theological issues slide, simply because you don't think were important. It's far better to write position papers on hot topics. Don't leave vacuums, because you know what happens to vacuums!
  • Be aware that you are sinful and keep repenting and trust in God. Invest in your marriage and family life.
  • If you have an unresolved conflict with your wife, cancel your upcoming meeting with any female pastors. Shut down any temptations to confide in or deal with these issues outside your marriage.
  • God if it wasn't for you, I'd have stuffed up this ministry years ago.