Mirrors 27th February 2015

  1. My recent sermon at Crossroads Presbyterian Church on The Existence of God.

  2. Fifteen reasons churches are not evangelistic. What do you think of this list?

  3. Rory Shiner says Providence Church is loving using 'Slack' to manage internal communications. I'm yet to be convinced. Reluctant to add another 'channel' for communication if email can just be harnessed better for the same outcome. Anyone else use it?

  4. Pete Ko helps church plant core team members understand and cope with the reality of Monday Morning Melancholy: You have an enemy, you have a body, you need the gospel.

  5. Steve Kryger suggests examples for how to better serve non-Christians with our church websites - how does your church website rate?

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A couple of things about lapel and kylie microphones while preaching

A few random bits and pieces, from a preacher and a congregation member, not a sound engineer:

  • Kylie mics look stupid but they are by far the best sound quality, avoid stormy noises and pops from breathing and saying 'P' into microphones.

  • Kylic mics are hard to position just right so they don't rattle around and get annoying.

  • If there is a sound engineer, don't feel embarrassed about asking them to set things up, including positioninig your kylie mic.

  • Make super sure it is muted before you join in congregational singing, a personal conversation or go to the toilet.

  • Feed microphone cords (for lapel or kylic mics) through your shirt - it looks yuck to have cords flopping all over you. And tuck excess cord into your pocket.

  • Get a kylie mic cord clipped onto the back of your shirt collar.

  • If you going to preach with a lapel mic, wear a shirt that has something it can neatly clip onto. Bunched-up t-shirt with mic clip makes me sad.

  • Wear a best and get the brick that a lapel mic gets plugged into strapped to the BACK of your belt. I don't know what women speakers do at this point.

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