Mirrors 4th December 2015

1. You have probably already read this. But if you haven’t you probably should: What ISIS Really Wants 

2. In this Sydney Morning Herald piece, the non-Christian Richard Glover expresses the bewilderment many Christians are feeling: why are people be so outraged and furious about standard, conservative Christianity? 

3. This article discusses the current anti-discrimination case against the bishops of the Catholic Church of Tasmania. It also unpacks the legal issues involved in this case. 

4. There was lots in here I could relate to - a good encouragement to work at maintaining healthy friendships. 

5. Nathan Campbell does a good job of pondering how we might think biblically about outraged public reactions to things.

6. Some honest and spiritual reflections on coming to terms with a life involving a disabled child.

7. Advice on talking to Roman Catholics about Jesus. It's probably not going to be clear or helpful for them to fixate on using the language 'are you a Christsian?'.

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