Mirrors 13th June 2014

  1. What things help young people raised in church keep their faith into adulthood? 'Here 2 Stay' is a ministry committed to encouraging this. The factors they list include: family nurture, serving in mission, positive peer community, peak experiences, generational connection and rites of passage.

  2. A friend of mine runs a productivity consultancy business, called Spacemakers. You might like to check out his blog.

  3. I had this 9 Marks audio of a panel talking about 'reaching the unreached' in my list of things to blog for so long I can't remember what I liked about it :-/

  4. All the talk about Gen Y and Gen Z can be used as a cop-out for being a bad leader. Blame them for being slack, when really you are the one being slack. A helpful corrective: Do millenials really want anything more than good leadership?

  5. You may not fully agree with Andrew Heard's 'free market' view of a church's missionary giving, but there's still lots of juicy concepts in this video.

  6. What is the world coming to? Luke showed me this recent Korean fad: watching someone cook and eat on YouTube. I THINK it's meant to give company, while you eat at home alone, in the same way that Grandma leaving the TV on in the background fills the silence. These videos go for hours....

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