Big church is bad - What about big city? Big family? Big country? Big denomination?

Without a doubt there are all sorts of abuses unique to big churches, or easier to commit in big churches. And without a doubt some abuses become worse as the scale of the church grows.

So some people say that we should restrict the size of the church, to curb these abuses.

I wonder how this suggestion maps onto other things that get big? Because after all, one of the things that seems to mark the astonishing capcity of humanity (a part of our image bearing?) is about ability to build large organisations.

So should we limit the size of our denominations? Our cities? Our extended families? Our nations?

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Mirrors 16th January 2014

  1. Two sides to every story: an Islamic response to the Charlie Hebdo shootings - arguing that free speech always occurs within a particular cultural frame.

  2. There are some risks with digital storage that are greater than physical storage, when it comes to cinema archives.

  3. 100 years of population change in my home state of Tasmania.

  4. Al Bain reflects on this last year of preaching.

  5. Twitter for Business has a bunch of infographic rich articles about how to develop a social media strategy for your business (or church?).

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Mirrors 2nd January 2015

  1. I can't remember if I've linked to this or not: Kevin de Young provides an interesting 16th Century Scottish ruling that mums and babies should not attend church. An interesting counter-balance to the argument that we should keep all our kids in church services!

  2. This formula for paying a guest preacher is just bizarre from an Australian Reformed evangelical point of view.

  3. A forum from the recent PAX conference on religion and computer games. My friend Jason Imms is on this panel.

  4. Fun tool on cultural differences and working relationships.

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