Big goals for EV part 1

  • Building conviction - through Bible teaching. Not just on a piece of paper. Through people like Al Stewart, Phillip Jensen, Col Marshall have so shaped me that this is just how I've been formed. Not just leadership skills/ministry skills but conviction. New membership classes are not just about sharing the vision, but teaching them the Bible so that they'd be kingdom-minded. That's the engine room. On Sunday, I lose touch with everything else, I just want them to see Christ and get the kingdom. With every meeting (planning, budget, everything) we start with 30 minutes of Bible.
  • Building a culture - It's the culture that shape people, not laws. Need to create a culture so that people catch it in the air. With every decision we made, we asked if it would help or hinder that culture. Become a culture-driven church, not a leadership-driven church. At one time we didn't do play groups or church soccer teams, because at that time it would have diluted what were about. We're about Bible teaching. Go and join a secular group! The culture is now entrenched.