Future of The Geneva Push - Andrew Heard

  • We've have a real burden for our country, to see it won for Christ. We've been praying and working for that for many years.
  • We need churches that are grounded and growing. Grounded in the true gospel - the Reformed gospel is the gospel in the greatest clarity. And then growing to pass this on to the next generation.
  • Humanly speaking, the way to do this is through leadership. Men leading the charge who are themselves grounded and growing. That's what we're about. 
  • How do you get leaders like that? In fellowship together around the word. There's no one grounding me now to keep going in theology and mission. But there's like a big hook in my heart and guts that is attached to cords connected to men who have influenced my ministry in the past and every now and then they tug.
  • I want to see people around me come to life in Christ. For the glory of God. In the passion to grow there's a great temptation to be drawn to all kind of things that will help you do that - management, speaking styles, new techniques. We need a deeply embedded hook to a fellowship of people that will keep us grounded.
  • We want leaders to be culturally savvy in the way they resource the church in the context they're in. How do you grow past 100? How do you keep thinking missionally? How do you assess from the past (but in a fellowship keeps us grounded for it all).