The future of The Geneva Push - Al Stewart

  • About a dozen people have been assessed these few days. And it's gone well. It's not just 'pass or fail' but 'how has God wired you up so that we can figure out how you can best serve him?'.
  • We will contact each person who has been assessed and talk to you about recommendations. You won't just get a bureaucratic form or number, but we'll talk you through it.
  • We'll work at putting a network together around the country.
  • We want to work with networks and individuals in each state. Each state will be different. South Australia won't be the same as Victoria, Tassie etc. If you have ideas about what will work, let us know.
  • Keep communicate to each other, the forums will start up on the website next week.
  • We want to work out how events serve people in each state.
  • December 6-8 we will have In the Chute in Canberra, partnership with AFES. Don Carson will be preaching at that.