Pimp my event checklist

I'm not a super details person. I'm not good at craft or interior design. I know enough about graphic design to ask other people to do it for me. I don't like errands.

So I feel a bit uneasy about events. There are so many fiddly things. And so many aesthetic, deatils, so many things that once people arrive a certain type of person tells you all the things you 'could have' done.

It struck me the other day that I need a checklist. That will help me feel better prepared when working up an event, that I have covered all the bases.

Please help me out by adding suggestions of your own.

General checklist

  • Laminate
  • Design and print in advance
  • Bring blue tack, gaffa tape,
  • Bring pens and textas
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Cash
  • 2-3 hard copies of everything relevant to the event
Information table
  • Flier racks
  • Clipboards
  • Specific fliers
  • General fliers
  • Decorations on table?
  • Recepticle (for donations/contact details etc)
  • Check out the venue in advance at the same time of day
  • Get access to it well in advance of opening time
  • Try it out with a crowd of people, music and public speaking
  • Lanyards
  • T-shirts
  • Sign up sheets / roster - several copies
  • Who's in charge?
  • Basic TODO list
  • Roving inviters for events near public places
  • Greeters outside room (and outside building if room hard to find)
  • Ushers inside the room
  • Places for workers to congregate/rest without looking sloppy
  • Places for attenders to congregate without blocking access
  • Attractive seats for workers
  • Is the interior and exterior lighting good?
  • Additional atmospheric lights
  • Appropriate, attractive stage lights
  • Atmospheric room lighting, but still easy to read the Bible

Walls and tables

  • Should they be covered with sheets?
  • Decorations on walls
  • Does it need a vaccuum?
  • Does it need stuff removed/covered with drop sheets?
  • Are the toilets clean and equipped?
  • Ashtrays and rubbish bins
  • Signs, visible from each direction - from street, from people
  • Toilets signed
  • Other information signed - free/cost of food and drink, event timetable, creche
  • Lecturn for speaker
  • Music stands, seats and other things for musicians
  • Attractive stage arrangement - not cluttered with music stands, bags, tables
  • Drinking water for speaker
  • Small side table
  • Decorations for stage
  • Signage for lecturn
  • Standard background slie (for during meeting)
  • Welcome slide
  • Farewell slide
Music and sound
  • Live or recorded music organised for entrance and exit
  • CCLI and other APRA (public peforming license) for live and recorded music
  • Music loud enough to be heard once a crowd is in the room
  • Microphone
  • Echo absorbed where possible by floor rugs etc
  • Additional cables and plugs