Marriage and ministry part 2

  • Work hard at having a relaxed home, a relaxed place for your husband.
  • I finished work at 6pm and we had dinner together every night except 2 nights. One of the blessings of ministry is that you can do that when other dads can't. Work hard to talk with the kids over the dinner table.
  • We used TV with the kids when they were very little. But later on, created a rule: no TV Monday-Friday or during the day on weekends.
  • First three days of holidays fighting, three days to solve, and only a week left to actually rest! Holidays are not the time to relax. It's time to step up the energy required to be nice to each other. Treat each other like a member of church that we're trying to woo to church community! Having to be nice to each other, you started to like each other :-)
  • We work at all our other relationships and presume on marraige that they're on-sde so you don't need to work on it. Don't drop everything and 'be yourself'!