TB on being underground church

  • Martin Robinson in his book on church planting says, if you can't do it in the core group while you're still underground, you probably won't do it when you go public.
  • Better to find the right size core, and the right type core, rather than just setting the particular date for the launch.
  • The minute you launch public and all the logistics are demanded, everyone works their cakes off [what does this mean? I love it] to make it work. Everyone working, and then some people in the seats. You need to picture what kind of gathering you need and then that dictates how big your core needs to be.
  • It's easier to get to 50 while underground than it is launching with 12 and struggling to get 50 in public. (Andrew Heard's reflection: the issue here, is managing expectations. If you launch a public thing people will expect a certain size and quality - of course they haven't got xyz, they're not at that stage yet).