Hardships in church planting part 3

  • Separate conflict resolution from strategic planning.
  • Personal hardships can be really hard in church planting. But they can be great for the church. Humbling the pastor, motivating the church in prayer, the church being engaged in each others' lives.
  • Writing your own constitution is horribly draining. The Geneva 'Church in a Box' product will be very helpful for those planting independent churches. It is very valuable to think through the whole logic between how your church is structured.
  • Being physically or emotionally weak is how God teaches you to trust him and makes you pray more. Power in weakness, thorn in the flesh, clay vessels.
  • Team work is very difficult and important learn how to do really well.
  • Make sure you listen to referees when people apply for your staff, call them up. Listen to what they say and what they don't say.
  • Ask staff about future plans. Are they really on board here? Or do they want to move on to do their own thing?
  • Patrick Lencioni The Five Dysfunctions of a Team are very helpful. The number one team for all staff members is the team they look up to - the overall staff team. They all need to want all the minsitries go well.