Hardships in church planting part 2

  • Mother churches need to be generous and sacrificial. The daughter church won't understand the sacrifices you have to make.
  • Marital tensions create stress on the church, because people band towards one side of the conflict or the other.
  • Hardest situations of all is the conflict between leaders. Make sure you have an external body to deal with allegations against the leadership.
  • Don't get paranoid and try to pre-empt suspicions that people might have. Be willing to be reactive to questions. And trust that most of God's people will have the wisdom to discern the truth behind mutterings.
  • Pastorally, it is so valuable to keep working through the Bible and letting it teach, lead, comfort.
  • It's not about our own glory, it's about finishing the race. There's no promise that we'll be finishing in glory and punching the air.