Some GTD thoughts III: Contexts

For jml, the vast majority of his actions are at the computer. And most of the time he has access to the internet and phone.

The contexts @Errands, @Phone, @ Home really cover the fringe cases, rather than most of his actions.

What are contexts? Really they are 'things required to do an action'. Maybe different contexts are needed:

@Braindead - separate them so you don't waste time on them when you are at peak performance, and so that you can be productive when you are braindead.
@Really don't want to do it - you need ultimate self-control and determination to just get these done quickly.
@Personal - separate personal computer work from work computer work.
@Big time for single action - It's a single action, but it requires focussed, long-term time. Perhaps you can even note how many 'blocks' of time it takes to do this one action. That way you could have 'Rake lawns 1/3' 'Rake lawns 2/3' 'Rake lawns '3/3' before it's done?