'Pastor' Jones

Phillip Jensen preaching in the US:

By using the wrong words, we laid open for another generation to come and pervert the gospel.. That is why I freak out when I hear Baptists in your country talk about their 'sanctuaries'. And what about 'Pastor Jones' and 'Pastor Smith'? What's wrong with Bill Jones and Fred Smith? They're good old fashioned names. If that's your name, use your name. Don't let people put you into a special category of human beings - men, women and clergy. You're a brother in Christ or a sister in Christ. That's what you are. And the quality of your teaching is the way by which you lead people, not by your status as the teacher. [quoted loosely]

Amen! I really don't like the 'Pastor' title. Admittedly it's the best, because it's technically a functional, Scriptural title. Much better than the disguting 'Reverend'. I love this passage from the Presbyterian 'Second Book of Discipline' (1578):
All these should take the titles and names only (lest they be exalted and puffed up in themselves) which the scriptures give unto them, as those which import labour, travail, and work; and are names of offices and service, and not of idleness, dignity, worldly honour or preeminence, which by Christ our Master is expressly reproved and forbidden.
If only the Presbyterian Church had paid attention!

But back to 'Pastor Mike'. I don't like it, still. It sounds clumsy. And I just don't like titles. Dirty things.