History of EV part 6

  • Moved to a different school 18 months ago. Hard move at one month's notice. It seems that schools are less and less willing to house churches.
  • It's very hard to grow a ministry long term in public facilities. Constantly getting thrown out of facilities. Spent about $90Kpa on rent (dead money)
  • Another value of a building is identity. There's a reality about humanness (although God can break through these limitations). A building is recognised, gives profile. It was very difficult when we had to hold a funeral, for example. (Al Stewart - it can mean it's like you don't exist during the week).
  • There's a sense we're asking them to tithe their mortgages. Over and above regular giving, contribute the money they are giving to their own family home.
  • The church bought a small house earlier on, to get property and facilities onto the budget. It was used as office and youth group. It was an enforced saving plan. Over the years that has been increased.
  • Five years ago the church bought a 5 acre block. People freak. Within 12 months, it just slid into the budget.
  • When we planned to put the building fundraising drive to the congregation, the GFC hit in August. It was a challenge to trust God in that. We believe in miracles. I've never seen a church as broadly captured by our vision as we saw last year.
  • People are more ready to give than we think they are. But it's more than just standing up and saying 'Give'. You need to give a simple, clear, big thing to give to. Explain why it's worth giving to