Facebook and evangelism

I don't do many Christian updates on Facebook. And I don't use my profile updates to advertise stuff at church every week. And I don't import my Christian Refelections blog into by profile. Because I have stacks of non-Christian friends/family/acquaintances with whom I have stacks of light-touch interaction on Facebook.

We 'like' each others' updates and sometimes say 'Oh you like that movie do you - so do I!'. This would all be lost if I totally "Christianised" my Facebook usage.

I started a second blog about a year ago - Boxed Sets - because I don't like blending Christian and random everyday stuff on blogs for some reason. But I figured I had plenty of random stuff to say. And gradually, slowly but surely the readership of Boxed Set has increased. Espcially on Facebook.

It's this sucker that I import into my profile. And it has a way way higher readership and comment interaction as a Facebook Note than it does as a blog.

And so now I'm thinking of ways to share, gentle, reflective, occasional, relevant Christian content into Boxed Sets.

Fun, huh?