Big goals for EV part 2

  • Building capacity - aim for 10%, so that the gospel is pervasive and the movement 'tips'. I have a little speech that just spills out, about the 10% vision. You can't reach 30 000 with 4 people. You need to build teams, stepping back, delegating, raising up others. Who's your second staff? Children's? Office? That decision will help/hinder you ability to build capacity. They're the decisions where leaders fail, those simple, small ones. We need to see where we're going, analysing where things were at and knowing how to get there. We need to keep working at those things. I used to go away in those early years, for three days on a yacht.
In our context, the focus was not youth or children's ministry, but training the adults in conviction to lead all those other ministries. So our next person was a training/nurture to equip them. In other situations, you may decide the engine room is the children's ministry - like Frank Retief in South Africa.