History of EV part 8

  • There's not a lot of big things I would have changed, in hindsight. I would have trusted God more, rather than worry so much.
  • In my training experience, I learnt to take a long view of ministry, not to freak out and get defensive, to stay stable.
  • Although there was a time when I did freak out. In on church council meeting, I got really angry one night. 'Man's anger does not bring about the righteous life god requires'. But that hasn't happened often. I am able to absorb a lot of conflict.
  • It's too hard to do succession plan, when I may have ten years more of ministry. But I've begun to talk with a couple of people about what might happen. It's a hard one. One of the keys to succession for independent church work, is to be associated with a good Bible College, so that the church looks to that Bible College. Church in Melbourne, of 6-7000 has been through two leadership transitions. Good things to learn from them.