Don't waste your time

A practical article from big Al.

  • "We may spend an extra 10 to 15 hours on a talk that will only improve it by a few percentage points. I am not endorsing under preparation, I am against over preparation."
  • "I've heard it suggested that you should stand up while you are on the phone. This is very effective in limiting the time of phone calls. I've also heard that meetings should be held without chairs. "
  • "No one ever said on his or her deathbed, "I wish I watched more TV."
  • "It's easier to be "evangelising the world", rather than actually going to see that one individual who needs to be spoken to. If we're being paid to grow a particular church, or reach a particular area, get out and do it. Online communication is great, and powerful, but often the most important piece of hardware you own for your computer is the off button – use it and then get out and see people face to face."
  • "Each pastor in full time ministry should be made to listen to the song "Cat's in the cradle" at least once a week. "
  • "Our activism, our obsession with planning and strategic action, our outright 'workaholism' show a lack of understanding of and faith in the sovereignty of God. We need to believe in God's sovereignty, God's election, that as we sit and watch the Simpson's with our kids, the gospel marches on. "
Have you got time management suggestions?