Al Stewart on 2Timothy 2 part 1

  • I love Christian ministry. Even when I'm whingeing about it to Cathy, I love whingeing about it.
  • Where do you think the next generation of church planters are gonna come from? We gotta raise them up. We just gotta do it.
  • Soldiers expect life to be tough. As gospel ministers, how do you think of yourself? Outsiders normally think of you as a religious social worker. We ought to think of ourselves as 'soliders of Jesus Christ'.
  • As I feel sorry for myself and whinge about having a late night and confront someone about something tough and have to go to some denominational meeting that sucks the life out of you... Paul's talking about being martyred, I can probably cope with a few hard things. Dry your eyes princess. Maybe we have gone a bit soft if we are watching our super too closely and fussing about how many bathrooms the rectory has.
  • In gospel ministry, the list of things you don't care about should be very long. You still gotta have a life and hobbies and things. You gotta be focussed. (But note, young married men: your families are not another distraction, they are the first members of your congregation).