What does Nehemiah mean?

Anyone raised on a healthy bran diet of Gospel and Kingdom will tell you that it is about the reestablishment of the kingdom after the exile, a pale imitation of the great restoration which the Lord Jesus brings about.

But is this the primary concern of the text itself? Or is it as interested in giving a godly example of faithful service and spiritual leadership?

It is because of Nehemiah's place in the Bible's storyline that he is worthy of note - Nehemiah gets a 13 chapter book, nott some faithful, godly guy in the tribe of Zebulun in 988 BC. But this doesn't mean that Nehemiah's place in the Bible's storyline is the main thing that the book focuses on.

If you preached Nehemiah with a major emphasis on biblical theology, would those broader theological structures drown out the text itself? Is this just as bad as preaching on leadership methodology from the book?