Secret weapon

In the Pilgrim's Progress , prayer is Christian's secret weapon. I've got that. I've also got my wife. She does a stack of the house management stuff, she does our finances (for which I am eternally grateful), she loves and plans for our kids, she cooks for Tuesday Crossroads and she looks after me when I'm pathetic, miserable, exhausted or sick.

She complements me in a lot of ways. Her background was poorer and more left-leaning, mine was richer and more right-leaning. She listens to the kids' feelings when I just stand on principle. She's a clean person while I'm a tidy person. She slows me down from being a workaholic cyborg. Her weakness in a beautiful piece of irony, corrects my weakness: she has shown me how unfeeling and independent I can be.

Nikki knows my flaws and is not babmoozled by me. She wants me to be a godly Christian, not a hero Christian leader. She prefers Bible studies to sermons and lo-fi stuff to big events. One her big jobs is to tell MTS apprentices lots of stories about me to prove I'm actually human.

Thanks Nikki.