Happy birthday dear TBT

The Bible Talks (TBT) is the astonishingly imaginative name of a Sydney ministry. Indeed, this abbreviation illustrates one of the difference between Sydney and Hobart. In Sydney, TBT stands for The Bible Talks, in Hobart it stands for Toilet Block Tuesdays.

Here's why it's called Toilet Block Tuesdays:

We are celebrating our first-and-a-half birthday next Tuesday, 9th December from 5-8pm. We're going to have all live music, a sausages sizzle, stalls... all the kind of church-fete stuff, except with a groovy South Hobart feel. So instead of CWA ladies knitting beanies, we'll have Tip Shop ferals making frightening thing out of old collanders.

Please come and join with us as we celebrate our first-and-a-half anniversary.