Farewell to Crossroads

In 2009 I will be working as the assistant pastor @ Crossroads and Dan Shepheard will take over the leading pastor role. In 2010 Nikki and I will leave Crossroads and find another home church and, God willing, Crossroads will find another assistant pastor.

Although the formal process is not completed, the plan is that I will begin leading the AFES team at the UTas. Sam Green will continue on, part-time as a staff worker on campus and part-time focusing on his Islamic ministry. I'm really excited at this change, although it will be sad to leave Crossroads. In fact, at first I wasn't super-keen for uni ministry either, but a older mentor, Col Marshall nudged me in that direction back in April this year and my wife Nikki, along with other trusted friends, confirmed this advice.

Here are my farewell sermons to Crossroads on Acts 20:17-38, "A Farewell to arms; a call to arms":

  1. The road to Jerusalem
  2. Ministry and life
  3. The commisioning