Christmas Eve at St George's Anglican

My very dear friend, Paul, is the assistant minister @ St George's. I went there for Christmas Eve and it was an excellent event. A couple of things:

  • He and his wife Jo were serving mulled wine to us as we entered.
  • It's a big and impressive building which, when done up with candles and entered at 11pm, is very atmospheric.
  • The senior minister's wife is a very talented pianist/organist. This sole accompaniment did the job of three or four instruments.
  • The First Noel has great lyrics. Fi quoted one of them here.
  • The whole service, including the Christmas message, was full of gospel and was phrased with such warmth, humour, depth and clarity.
  • There were maybe 80 people there, across a range of ages. This in a church buildling which I doubt has half that number normally.
  • Nathan and Fairlie did a sweet little folky rendition of O Holy Night.
  • It was interesting that Paul included many acknowledgments not only of our spiritual need, but also of the needs of the poor, grieving and suffering.
Two final comments:

Firstly, I have a prophecy. If the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania has the sense to keep Paul there, and if God is merciful, then I suspect St George's could become a very important church on the Hobart scene in the coming years.

Secondly, I was sitting behind Christina who is a serious muso. Afterwards she commented on my singing voice: "I didn't know you were a singer!". You heard it: A Singer.