Piper on Lloyd-Jones: beware extended warnings

I finally got round to listening to one of Piper's bios, this one on Martin Lloyd-Jones. David Jones (Cornertone Presbyterian, Hobart) was deeply influenced by L-J and I was deeply influenced by DJ, so I that's why I chose this one.

One of the things Piper observed, was something like: Ordinary people hear long, complicated, serious cautions as a red light.

I think this is an important point. Many people can say they aren't cessationists, or that they believe secular work is good, or that emotions are good. But if miraculous gifts, or secular work or emotions are only ever spoken about along with long, complicated, serious cautions then ordinary people will hear 'not good'.

Another little comment PIper made:

This conference always ends on the note of world missions, deliberately. If you don't go away more excited about world mission, then this conference would be an abuse of experiences.