Lessons learned from 30 years of student ministry

These notes from Lindsay Brown's address were passed on to me this week (H/T Sam):

  1. You must be able to: coach, catalyst, encourage.
  2. Look after your family: the danger of neglect.
  3. Be generous in your treatment of others. Watch out for jealousy.
  4. Don't worry about the numbers.
  5. Speak well of others. Don't give in to bitterness - grace is the foundation of all service.
  6. Keep up your reading. Beware of dryness.
  7. Think legacy. Beware short-termisim. Have a long view.
  8. Be clear in your vision. Watch out for confusion.
  9. Build inter-connected teams. Beware individualism.
  10. ??? Surprise!
  11. Develop a prayer life. Beware of praylessness.
  12. Keep pressing on - remember it's a privilege. Don't give in to discouragement.
  13. Don't try to do everything.
  14. Handle disappointment.
Which ones stand out to you? Which ones do you feel you really need to learn? Some that stand out to me, that I need to remember: 2, 4, 12, 14.