Better to aim and miss than not to aim

It is easy to get nervous when a pastor sets numerical goals, but I think concrete goal-setting is a good discipline. It keeps you thinking and moving forward and helps you reflect on the past. The key is to do it with a sense of humour and a big chunk of trust in God, so that you only ever treat them as a servant, not a master.

After all, it is very hard to measure the most important things in church life. It is only on the last day that our work will really be shown for what it is.

Dan is writing the short and mid-term goals for Crossroads at the moment. I had a preview of the draft and here are some of the numerical goals for 2009:

  • 4 house churces in Crossroads House
  • 40 people at Tuesday Crossroads
  • 100 people at Sunday 5:30pm Crossroads
  • 6 smallgroups
  • 30 new church partners
  • 2 new elders