The birthday that was

TBT had it's first birthday party last night. Jolly has some photos over on his blog.

Here's some of my thoughts/reports:

  • Over 100 people came. We raised over $100 for TEAR foundation (most from purportedly 'silver coin donations' to garden produce, and book sales).
  • The weather was looking awful. We were setting up in the rain. It was like Mordor. But Fi and Nikki had prayed like Elijah earlier in the day and out of nowhere the sky cleared for a lovely sunny evening. The weather closed in again just in time to drive us in for a cosy indoor folk music set with Nathan and Fairlie Collins.
  • The people were from Crossroads, other churches, family, friends and community visitors.
  • It was much better than I was hoping for, I was very pleased overall. I was expecting 50-70 people, with one 'rush hour' across the whole three hours and lulls either side. Instead it got busy in the first half hour and there were still around 30 people there.
  • Dan and Joe manned the garden stall and came up with this reflection: "At the party we has three stalls: Home grown vegies, Christian books, and TEAR fund gifts. If you were only going to have three stalls, they'd be the exact three you'd want."
  • Thanks to local businesses who supported the event with food:
    • Con from the South Hobart IGA
    • Terry from the South Hobart Butcher
    • Nadine from Mondo's Bakery
  • Thanks to all the people who helped organise:
    • Kerri, Joe and Yvonne (stalls)
    • Ant, Nick, Nathan and Fairlie (music)
    • Dan and Jake (sourcing and cooking food)
    • Jolly, Emma and co (advertising)
    • Jake T (council navigation)
    • Emily and Jess (facepainting)
    • Shiloh (birthday cake)
    • Others I've forgotten