Some time with Jon Tyson Part V: Evangelism

In a secular and suspicious place like NYC, you simply cannot reach out to actual New Yorkers unless you are primarily devoted to friendship evangelism. Here were some of Jon's comments on evangelism:

  • The whole 'missional' thing is simply a redisccovery of what Christians have always been trying to do in outreach.
  • Go to the same places, and act according to the appropriate level of disclosure: a) Ignore people b) Acknowledge you've seen them around and then ignore them c) Say hi d) Exchange some information and take the relationship further.
  • In Manhattan people relate in 'third places', you don't really have people around to your house for dinner.
  • The best entries into church are the church service, the missional groups and participation in community service. The church can provide non-Christians with an opportunity to serve, which assuages their guilt.