Manhattan and Seattle are awesome, dont get me wrong, but Hobart is so much better. Mars Hill and Redeemer are awesome, but Crossroads is so much better (sounds like something Mike Jolly would say!!)

There's so much that's happened over here in the US that has been incredible. The experiences we've had of people, church, the cities, as a family, with our Aussie friends here, exploring etc. Its been exciting, rewarding, beautiful and faith-inspiring. But its just not home.

I want to stuff around in the backyard with the kids in their trakkies. I want to have coffee at the Retro where they know how Xavi has his babycino, I want to go to my bible study on Wednesday and get stuck into things and talk too late with Fairlie and Shiloh, I want to walk to the foot of the mountain in Lenah Valley, I want to sing at Crossroads with the Gross's leading instead of a rockband, I want to be able to ring my friends and pop over for the morning. I miss my friends, Mike misses his friends, the kids miss their friends. I want weetbix.

For a bit we thought we'd have to stay here a bit longer till Xav and I get better (bronchitis :-( ) but we fly out tomorrow night! Thank God for ridiculously expensive grumpy fifth avenue travel doctors who drink coffee and make personal phone calls whilst talking to you.

See you all soon.