Driscoll's comments on church planting movements at World Summit Part I

  1. Contend and contextualise. Movements tend to only do one or the other.
  2. Doctrinally define what you will and won't fight over. Keep a distinction between state and national borders within the movement. Young guys tend to be the best planters but theor theology is still 'in process'. As Don Carson says: 'It's not just what you believe, it's what you emphasise'.
  3. Look out for the sin of Diotrephes [Don't let, as someone said to me, 'A29 = Arrogant 29 year olds'].
  4. Relationship is the beginning of the movement. But it gets too big. The 'priests' begin the movement relationally (bibliographic note: David Fairchild is the origin of this metaphor), but then either the movment reduces back to the size the original leader can relate to, or else it goes to multiple leaders and multiple model churches. This is the shift from 'network' to 'movement'. Watch out when the movement leader starts to use the word 'family'. Then he become 'dad'. And those who don't follow him perfectly they become 'bad sons'.