Driscoll's comments on church planting movements at World Summit Part III

8. [I'm already out of synch with his numbering] Be careful about planning too far ahead and becoming too organisationally tight. eg if you made plans in 1994, then the internet boom would have killed everything! Write plans in pencil. You do need to write things down at some point. Can't all depend on preaching on stage and talking at a cafe. Think about how to use technology organisationally. If you don't allow that, they'll either become relationally distant, or else bombard the senior leader. Let them naturally coach one another.

9. Beware of confusing principle and method. For example, A29 had to make room both for Mars Hill styles and Crowded House styles. Make sure there is no implicit condemnation between styles. For example, Calvary Chapel, making book-by-book exposition and the rapture become defining issues. Learn from innovators who are different.

10. Avoid becoming an ageing leader who talks about 'tape ministry' (may as well be 'smoke signal ministry'!). Movement leaders get pulled to the best and the worst - leaders and adulterers. Miss out on everyone in the middle. The average person.