Some time with Jon Tyson Part IV: Mid-sized groups

I think this stuff is some of the most important stuff going in terms of church structure. I've been a long-term sceptic of the power for small groups to do much more than care for existing church members. I think they are too small to really provide big community and outreach. Clustering small groups together into mid-sized groups is a great option.

At Trinity Grace their missional groups approach runs as follows:

  • They meet one week in small groups and the next week these groups cluster together, with three or four others into missional groups.
  • The missional groups involve a fairly formal structure, involving things ranging from a church service to lectures and discussions.
  • In order to work, they need to not just be big small groups, nor merely small church services.
  • Those who run these groups well demonstrated the gifts to be future pastors/planters.
  • These groups are often geared towards particular niches - gender, career and so on.
  • The career and interest groups actually do succeed in gathering and supporting those who are involved in those things in the rest of their lives, not just hobbyists. That's because you don't move to NYC unless you are wanting to devote all your time to something.