Driscoll's comments on church planting movements at World Summit Part IV

11. What out for 'not invented here' syndrome. Denominations do it all the time... until the first church within their denomination does it. Steal it, modify it, redeem it. Take whatever you can and make it your own. And so make your network and theology a home and not a prison. As a movement leader you outgrow your tribe and your team. You need to both discern and listen. In fact you can influence the other people who are different to you!

12. Embed the value of influence, not control. Influence has to happen up close. You can't control a movement. You can control 'yes men', but you can't control entrepreneurs.

13. The pivotal point is succession. You always need a contingency plan, even when you're young. Don't be 'all windshield no rearviewmirror'. Will the movement outlive one leader. What will you honour - the founder or the future? How do you make sure that you do both? [that's exactly what we need to do in Australia!]. When a new movement leader rises up, the whole board should resign and allow the new guy to choose a new team! Sometimes the plan is to shut down the movement and disperse into tribes, that's fine, it just takes a huge amount of humility. The worst is to try to hold it together without a clear leader, for then it gets ugly.