Driscoll's comments on church planting movements at World Summit Part II

5. Founders and friends take the places at the top and then there's no place for the young guys and the new guys. It's easier to have the founders and friends there - you get on well and you talk in shorthand. But to encourage growth, you need to let the young guys 'ascend' when suitable.

6. Be very careful that everything is performance based for everyone, job descriptions, reviews. There must be no assumption that founders will stay around forever. Better leaders can come in later. Those left behind can feel betrayed and need to pastored through that. You need to talk in advance that long-term involvement is not assumed. [my question - doesn't this silence unwanted prophetic voices in the team?].

7. There's three types of guys - positives, negatives and neutrals. Positives bring strong energy. Negatives are suspicious, have to be in the ear of the senior leader, for they only trust themselves and those they appoint. Neutrals will go with either influence. Replace the negatives with positives and the neutrals will change. All the complainers will go straight to the negative guys - he becomes the rep of the faction. Can't afford to have a neutral in senior leadership.