Driscoll's comments on church planting movements at World Summit Part V

14. Final point: on dealing with critics. Sometimes they are those who used to be friends. Sometimes they are friends of your friends and your friends get caught up in it.

a) There are theological critics that don't agree with you and never will.

b) There's success jealousy people, whom you need to serve, to defuse their enmity.

c) Then there's the misinformed who need to be informed. Call them so that it's not taken out of context yet again and so they can hear the tone of your voice.

d) Next, personal dislike critics, whom you should ignore.

e) Next, critics with legitimate criticism should lead you to repentance. The leaders you trust the most are the ones who repent.

f) Finally, critics can take up an offence for someone else. This is a hostage situation. You need to rebuke them, rather than accomodate them.