The grumpy ushers of Redeemer

So we went to Redeemer this morning. Generally people, and especially Australians, go visit Redeemer and diss it afterwards. Now I understand why:

  • It's a really formal presbyterian service.
  • It seems, in gross simplification, that if they have a choice between someone who is natural and someone who is 'well spoken' they go for the latter. It gives things a bit of a private school speech night feel.
  • The ushers are very professional, that is, pretty curt. They are kinda scary; they made Steve Chong mad. If there is a choice between a happy parent and a quiet auditorium, the parent loses every time.
  • It's very polished, the congregation are well dressed, a lot of people seem to just march straight out once the service is finished.
  • Tim Keller preaches well, and Aussies don't like Americans who preach well.
But I don't want to just be a player hater, so check out the next post.