Why don't people come to the prayer meeting?

They should, if they really believed in prayer.

Let's turn the tables and not just blame the congregation. If the church leaders really believed in prayer meetings then perhaps:
  • We'd spend as much time preparing for prayer meetings as we do for Sunday sermons.
  • We'd get really good quality advertising and plug it really regularly, visibly, thoughtfully.
  • We'd make sure the whole event was planned really well, like we do our Sunday services - with good music, ushering, snacks, food.
  • We'd involve people in the organising and running of the evenings, so that there were a group of people who owned the meeting. We'd give some of our best people to the task.
  • We'd 'work the phones' to make sure people attended, like we would for a major conference. We'd call people up if they didn't attend, like we do when they don't come to Bible Study.
I suspect that because we don't do any of these things, that's why we don't have many people come to our prayer meetings.

And if we're not prepared to do any of these things, we should also stop guilt tripping people.