Inspired by Greg Lee and mdae possible by the generosity of Crossroads, I'm going to take a sabbatical from 4th November to 17th January.

Here's a video about sabbaticals from a non-Christian pov:

(H/T Gordo)

What am I going to do? Here are some of my thoughts and plans:


  • Go camping with the family, possibly at Freycinet.
  • Go to Strahan for a couple of days. I love the West Coast of Tassie, especially the mountainous mining moonscape and gravel footy oval of Queenstown.
  • Learn to fish/squid. I like the idea of fishing in the zombie-shanty-town Lakes District of Tassie.
  • Go for lots of bike rides.
  • Go to the PCYC gym.
  • Write some short stories. Maybe start another novel.
  • Cook things, including fish.
  • Help Nikki in the garden.
  • Watch a lot of boxed sets.
  • Read all the books that jml keeps telling me I need to read: Infinite Jest, Gravity's Rainbow, House of Leaves and Notre Dame De Paris.
  • Do some Tai Chi exercises, without the Chi.
  • Eat food at Al's house.
  • Do a couple of overnight solo retreats to my dad's shack at Opossum Bay.
  • Hang out with friends and family lots.
Renewal (couple of days each week)
  • Learn Hebrew.
  • Step my Greek up a notch.
  • Read Volume I of Church Dogmatics.
  • Read some Tertullian, cause Fi said I'd like him.
  • Read The Rise of Christianity by Rodney Stark and The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins.
  • Read The Resurrection of the Son of God by N. T. Wright.
  • Read some Alvin Plantinga and Con Van Til.
  • Visit other churches around Hobart.
  • Go to In the Chute.