Steps to promote a ministry or event

Thanks to Guy Mason, promoter par excellence:

1. Create the brand

  • What's the concept? What field? Philosophy? Values? People? Age range?
  • Who is the target group and what are their relationship networks?
  • What is the image? Logo? Briefing? Style guide?
2. Design the material
  • The website - what elements are needed?
  • Facebook and twitter plans.
  • T-shirts, lanyards and so forth for the event.
  • What print media do we need to contact? What relationships can be make the most of?
  • Prepare the media release: a one page brief, quotes, bios, times for photo ops, 5 VIP invites
  • Plan for press conferencs.
  • What TV opportunities are there?
  • Develop ad for radio promotion.
I think he kept talking after this point, but I couldn't keep up!