How to ask for ministry money

Ask Them Face to Face

This is the key. James 4:2 says "we have not because we ask not." The word "ask" is used in the gospels 113 times. God wants to teach us about asking: Him and others. I have looked at surveys as to why people give and the number one reason is always because someone asked them! It is not unspiritual or fleshly to ask. It is good, Biblical, and faithbuilding to ask. Let's not hide behind our fears. Let's walk toward them and render them powerless! The worst thing that they could say is, "No".

If you instead choose to cut corners, take the quick, easy route and just send a fund request letter out or make a group presentation you might have a 10% response rate. If you send a letter followed by a phone call asking for support, you might get 25% of people to say yes. But, if you are willing to sit down eyeball to eyeball with others and lay out the incredible ministry vision God has called you to, usually well over half of the folks pull their checkbooks out to join you as ministry partners! This approach takes time and money and courage, but it communicates to the donor that they (and your vision) are so important to you that you must meet with them in person. Don't be fooled: HOW you go about securing their commitment will determine the amount, consistency, and longevity of their giving. My research shows that ministries who train their staff to ask for the gift (in person) raise their full budget in half the time than groups who simply share the need, but don't ask. We have not….because we ask not. Sound familiar?

From Crux