Its October and thats Scary

I sat down to plan for the coming months this morning.....we've got long service leave, road trips, things around the house and baby number 3 to plan for. In the process I finally realised that its October, and we have four more weeks working for Crossroads. I've been ignoring the immediate reality of it because its just too weird to contemplate.

For the last 8 or 9 years, Crossroads has been our lives. Its caused us so much joy and pain and been one of God's big ways of humbling us and growing us as Christians. The spiritual health and growth of Crossroads and the gospel going out from it is such a central part of our existence, its been our focus in life, our love.

To be honest I'm totally paralyzed right now thinking about my failures, everything we should've been for people, everything we haven't done or haven't finished. But through this I think God is starting to show me that all the fruit that we've seen borne, people being saved, baby christians growing up, leaders raised up, friends enduring hardships, all the good things have been done by God's grace and not by us. I feel so priveleged to witness Mike handing over a church intact, strong, healthy and growing (man, we even sing and have a board of management now) to Dan, that this is the way the journey is ending for us and not in burn-out or disaster (as have so often been a threat to us).

So, I spose I'm going to have to stop planning what baby furniture to buy and which end of the state to venture to, and start planning how on earth I'm going to say thank you to everyone.....October comes before November.