Geneva Summit - Wednesday

On Wednesday, we had our first legal 'directors meeting' over breakfast. Al, Andrew and myself are the founding directors of The Geneva Push, a company limited by guarantee.

Andrew opened the day with a Bible study on Ephesians 3 which descended into a discussion about the nature of church and disciple making, a quite complex and at times, heated, discussion.

We spent went through a strategic plan, reinforcing that Geneva itself will not plant churches, but will rather resource and encourage church planting.

Mark Haddley, who will begin working as Geneva's new media manager, shared his plans for our online presence. Mark has worked with Sydney Anglican media in the past and has his head screwed on well regarding this stuff. The plan is to have a range of information, interaction and portable community dimensions to our online presence.

We will have a website and aritcles and audio/video content. But we will also find ways to integrate blogs, twitter and Facebook to enable a rich interaction between planters and mentors. For the old-school there will still be a Jurassic-age email bulletin service to keep them in the loop. Keep watching and @thegenevapush.

We spent the rest of our time discussion the doctrinal statement, the In the Chute conference, and sharing our current perceptions, commitments, levels of interest. People were very interested in have a national conference, rather than simply state conferences. There was even interest in moving that conference to a different capital city each year.

The conference was pretty mighty and the general levels of interest and enthusiasm very high. We are all heading back to the 'real world'. This is an important point, I reckon: since Geneva is a servant of networks, you don't need to wait for a Geneva badge or a bunch of small print documents before you get involved. If you want to align yourself to our vision and values then that's all there is to it - just get on with preaching, praying, planting, recruiting. That's the Push, man, there's nothing more to it.