Farewell Crossroads (sort of)

Crossroads did a formal farewell of Nikki and I as pastor and pastor's wife tonight. We then had everyone back to our house for a barbecue, far too much gourmet cheese and Cath's tiramisu and frog in the pond for the kids. The Koreans also love the frog in the pond.

We were made to feel very loved and valued and appreciated. The church bought us fancy wine glasses and me a fishing rod. Kate Gross gave a very moving speech. Nikki and I managed not to cry (but only just).

Our goal for 2006-2010 was to "Establish a God-glorifying, theologically sound and contextually sensitive church and Ensure that the whole church understands and owns the church's mission".  At the start of 2006 I wrote:
I don't know what exactly the future holds. I can imagine that God is preparing us for major growth in spiritual maturity and evangelistic effectiveness. But then maybe not. But whether or not the statistics change much, we will be a church which is healthier, more stable, more mature and therefore more pleasing to God.... Will Crossroads stay a Presbyterian church? Who will lead the mum's groups? What about evangelising international students? Are we going to move out of the cinema? I want to urge all of us to do our best to leave those questions to one side. I want to encourage you to capture to vision wholesale. Whatever the outcome is, I want you to help me make it happen. Some of us may even choose to leave the church once it is established but that shouldn't affect our commitment to helping it happen.

Praise be to God that, in his own way and contrary to our particular schemes, this is exactly what has happened! I am stepping down as a pastor of Crossroads full of of joy and wonder.