Detailed info for In the Chute

2pm, Monday 7th December until Lunch, Wednesday 9th December.

We have at least 3 goals for the 'in the chute' conference in December:

1. To equip and encourage church planters:

  • We'll have Bible input each day from Al Stewart on 1 Timothy.
  • Mark Dever, from Capitol Hill Baptist and 9 Marks Ministries will speak on the issue of keeping focused on the main game and open up for an extended Q&A via video chat direct from Washington DC. Mark has a huge breadth of experience to tap into.
  • Brigadier Jim Wallace, former head of the Australian SAS will speak to us on "Leadership lessons from the Special Forces".
  • We'll have panel time with a variety of Australian planters on how to get started and build your initial core group.
  • Paul Dale (Church by the Bridge) will speak on getting past the launch stage into building for growth - structures, strategies and lessons.
  • Wayne Pickford (Church Army) will run a seminar on "adopt-a-block" and lessons learned at Berkley near Port Kembla. Wayne has grown a vibrant ministry in a very tough area, very few people have been able to do this in Australia.
  • Andrew and Cathie Heard (Central Coast Evangelical Church) will be running a seminar on how a marriage survives and grows through planting - a must for couples.
  • Other Electives will include - budgets and finances in the early stages; Look, feel and vibe in a church plant; maintaining a missional focus, etc.

2. Assessment of potential Church planters:

  • During In the Chute we'll also be assessing people as church planters. The assessment process has been adapted with permission from Acts 29, and involves submitting questionnaires, documents and a sermon before hand. Potential planters (usually couples) will be interviewed by a team of people experienced in ministry, and then advised on how to proceed.
  • The assessment process takes some work for you to prepare, that's because we're serious about helping you work out where you can be most useful in serving Jesus.
  • You can register to be assessed as you register for In the Chute.

3. Launch the Geneva Network:

In the Chute will also the opportunity to be involved in the Launch of The Geneva Push. We are aiming to build a network of church planters who will encourage each other, share info and ideas. And above all…. Get on with it!