Thoughts on the DiSC Profile 8: Thoughts on ‘SC’

SC’s are the nice-details-people. They bring a desire to be friendly and co-operative to their desire to be accurate and consistent.

SC’s are not as abrasive as C’s or DC’s because they are not merely task/information focussed. They are interested in details as far as they help people. They are also not as influenced or as (accidentally) inconsistent as S’s and iS’s, they are more solitary operators - who want to provide a stable environment for others, without having to then spend lots of time interacting with others.

To respect and care for an SC make sure you give them lots of information and lots of time. Springing them with ill-defined tasks or short deadlines is very unkind to this person.

SC’s will not find it as natural to be driven by vision and outcomes. They can be very valuable, for example, on management boards, but need to be willing to talk bold risks to achieve the purpose of the church/organisation, rather than keep things safe.

On the other hand, an SC loves the idea of slowly, steadily and patiently working towards a big, long-range goal. If you take the time to give them information, support and time they need they will help you make huge advances.

SC’s will also need a lot of help to focus on building rich relationships to ‘let people in’. They actually like being in a safe setting with other people who accept them, but they need gentle encouragement to facilitate these relationships.

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