Thoughts on the DiSC Profile 7: Thoughts on ‘iS’

iS’s are the ultimate people-persons. They are all-round relaters being skilled at both engaging and socialising in larger social situations and being sensitive and gentle one on one.

An iS will not be excellent at dealing with conflict and disagreement. They might respond to it in either a fight or flight manner, but either way, will not want to stay there long. This could mean they put up with an unpleasant situation rather than cause conflict, or that they gently quit early on to avoid prolonged conflict.

An iS will feel frustrated and limited if the social/environmental/organisational/vibe factors are ‘all wrong’. They need a positive, relaxed and attractive atmosphere in which to do their best work of engaging and interacting.

An iS can be very patient, which will make them well-equipped for gradual growth and development work. The ‘S’ pattern helps them be considerate and collaborative and take their time; the ‘i’ pattern helps them keep a larger end in mind and inspire people steadily towards change.

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